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Avenue is the marketing team for real estate professionals.

As a team of designers, marketers, and engineers, we work together to give REALTORS® something they’ve never had before: The chance to market themselves online, and stand out, supported by the knowledge and tools only a team of experts can provide.

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Exploring another


When I joined Avenue, we recognized that the capabilities of our product and platform extended beyond just serving real estate agents. Through the years, many of our clients have asked to use our services for other purposes and industries. Acknowledging our need to expand our market in order to grow the business, we set out to create a new face for Avenue, specifically for Small Businesses.

I joined the team that would spearhead this new project and led design for the website and marketing of Avenue for Small businesses.

Leveraging partnerships

with Affiliate Marketing

Like many service-based firms, referrals are one of the lowest-cost methods of getting high-quality leads. Word of mouth is a powerful way of convincing a family or friend the credibility of a service.

I was very interested in the impact an Affiliate Marketing program would have on our sales pipeline at Avenue. In the past, we had a very rudimentary structure for an Affiliate Program and I saw lot of potential for it. I was determined to overhaul and modernize it to better support our current workflows and provide a sustainable way of creating strong partnerships in the future.

In order to establish our Affiliate Program, I designed a new landing page to inform prospective affiliates about our program and funnel those to the sales team to be nurtured. As part of the nurture sequences, I designed email campaigns, a new Welcome Package for Affiliates, as well as additional assets for new Affiliates to use in their own marketing.

Designing for the face

of Avenue

As a digital marketing agency, it was paramount that all our touchpoints were remarkable and polished.

Given the size of our internal marketing team, there was always room for improvement in our marketing material. As a designer, I felt it was my responsibility to contribute to the face of Avenue to make sure we stood out from the competition.

In my time at Avenue, I had the opportunity to design a wide range of marketing material, from business cards and flyers to the digital ad creatives used for our webinars and newest product launches.